50th Anniversary Trip: Added Photos from Grand Turk/Provo

I am adding this post for easy reminiscing about the Grand Turk portion of our trip with our family. I thought this would be better than salting the pics back into the earlier posts.  Thus it may not be all that interesting to many, be that as it may.  The first batch are from our daughter Laura and SIL Mike's collection, the second from daughter Katie and SIL Herman's.

The 2 families rendezvoused in Charlotte for their flight to Provo after 3:30 AM wakeups for the Sundquists to catch their flight from Detroit.
 Grand Turk airport is very nice

The kids loved our "potcakes" doggies.
Really nice beach in front, ok swimming to the right of the rocks
Laura and our coed, Caitlin. 4.0 girl!
Lots of good cousin fun and virgin margies
 Lori brought beach games like cornhole

 Castle-building cousins
Wild donkeys came by every day, drove the dogs crazy
The boys cooked up some great steaks and fish
 Filet mignon Christmas dinner- Katie brought the steaks from home! Lots of conc…