50th Anniversary Trip: Comparison of naturist accommodations near Orient Beach, St. Martin

Because several folks have asked for our opinions, we took a stab at comparing the 3 naturist-friendly accommodations that we stayed in near Orient Beach (OB) for our 50th Anniversary trip to St. Martin, 12-22 Dec, 2019. Of course these criteria  and rankings are totally subjective, based on our personal whims, likes, etc.

I should preface this with the statement that all 3 of these places are VERY nice and we would not hesitate to stay in any one of them again for a week or more at a time. Our rankings are based on very slight differences for us, excepting the view.

I guess a 4th contender should have been mentioned i,.e. a private villa. There are lots of them from what I see in the forums, many with private enough pools that could render the place naturist-friendly. We had our eyes on several but in the end wanted to be pampered on our 50th. Might do a villa next time if we go with friends, for example.

There were few or no other guests besides us at all 3 places, quite a surprise. This fact may have affected some of our opinions especially those possibly influenced by the social aspects.

CF= Club Fantastico, 12, 13, 14, 15 Dec., hosts Chloe and Thierry, http://www.clubfantastico.net/

JD= Jardin d'O, Indigo Suite, 16, 17, 18 Dec, hosts Lydia and Lionel,  https://www.nude-clothing-optional-caribbean.com/

AE= Residence Adam and Eve, Pool View Suite (gave us an upgrade without asking), 19, 20, 21 Dec nights, hosts Caroline and Alain https://www.residence-adam-eve.com/?lang=en

Ratings listed in order of Liked the Best first with comments on things that stood out for us.

Cost: JD, AE, CF (much higher than the other 2 but open bar!)

Location: CF (on the hill above Orient Village= OV), AE (near the entrance gate to OV, walkable to Village and beach), JD (about a mile up the road, through locked gate to the community)

Type: CF (hotel), AE (hotel), JD (housekeeping apt)

Beds: CF and AE (king), JD (queen)

Decor:  AE (elegantly decorated),  JD (lovely decor), CF (lovely decor)

Breakfast:  AE (custom cooked in front of us, delicious crepes, no fruit or baguettes), CF (also very good, whatever we wanted, baguettes, croissants, fruit), JD (none)

Pool: CF (large and warm!), nice pools in the other 2 but too cool to enjoy much. They all had plenty of empty lounge chairs, JD had big wicker double size ones that we found too low and hard on the butt- need cushions!

Hot tub:  CF (large and hot), AE (ok for up to 6 or so), JD (not available for our unit, others have one to share)   

Outdoor showers: CF (4 of them, zee best!!), only cold ones in the others

Hosts: They were all great although we saw very little of Lydia and Lionel, due to our being out mostly and remoteness of the room.  BUT he kindly took me to get gas for our empty tank in the car! 
Oddly, hosts in all 3 places were always dressed. They all spoke some English, about as much as we speak French, enough to get by non probleme; Caroline the most, Alain the least Anglaise.

View: No contest, CF by a mile (literally)! AE: Some view from lobby, pretty gardens. JD: very pretty tropical gardens but no view.

Internet: All 3 had good WiFi

Extras: CF (made us a free, yummy tapas dinner the night that OV restaurants closed briefly; provides ice, coolers and even some drinks for the beach the first day we were there; nice outdoor bar with cold beers, room had 120V AC power strip). JD (had water and bottle of champagne waiting for us in the room fridg).  All 3: catered meals can be brought in.

Minor nuisances:
CF: smoking, bathroom split with toilet on one side of bed, sink and shower on the other.
AE: narrow sidewalk through crowding palms; no food allowed in unit, fridge full of items that guests must pay for if used, no room for own stuff but can keep in their frig.
JD:  long stairs with no railing down to pool at JD. 
Mosquitoes and no-see-ums everywhere at dusk and morning. CF provided bug spray, not so at the other 2. 

Chloe's comments (note that I did say above that Thierry would cook whatever breakfast we want) "I did upgrade your room from garden to pool/oceanview since it was available also. Also normally Thierry cooks a big breakfast but you said you and Joni preferred bread, fruit and croissants. Only mention this so people are aware an American breakfast is typical for us. Hope to see you back!"

From Jardin Do : I think the question is not to say who the winner is because it depends of what you’re looking for. Some people love CF, some others AE ad still others prefer JD. Of course and fortunately every place is different!
About JD, I have to add some more small details (and I think that Joni and Chuck will agree with me): during their stay, we were full but some guests went to the beach while some others stayed by the pool where there are some beds without cushions but some other ones with cushions. Indeed we have 2 units with a queen size bed but the other ones have a king bed, 2 units have a private hot tub. Indeed our pool, that is an infinity pool, is not heated but the water is between 82°F and 89°F according the season. It’s not so cold, is it? 😉
All our wishes for this New Year! "🍾" 


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  2. Lydia: I should have said that your pool is cooler, not too cool perhaps. All I know is that it was ok in the sun but with breeze and shade of late afternoon, I was chilly in it. Anyway, a minor thing, your place is lovely!

  3. Great reviews/comparisons. Thanks much. While you do note locations, it is good to make sure all know that AE is really the only one close enough to walk to OB.

  4. Thanks for the reviews/comparisons. We are scheduled at A&E in March and are really looking forward to it; we stopped by last year and were very impressed.

    1. You are very welcome, had a blast writing it! For sure you will have a great time, say hi to Caroline and Alain for us.


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